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Heart of Our Journey

We believe in a creative journey that begins with appreciating the surrounding us. That is why we pick each fabric with utmost care and responsibility. Our nightwear and loungewear collections are made from Naia™ - an eco-friendly, sustainable material with a luxurious silk-like texture and the latest collection uses 100% organic cotton from Portugal. With each garment you choose, you indulge in a world of conscious design where sustainability meets your dreams.


We inspire you to embrace the charm of the wild, not only through our sleepwear but also through our community. A community that celebrates uniqueness and discovers the beauty in connection with nature. We want every girl who wears our sleepwear to be different, individual, but above all, loving herself. GRETES clothes are there for you every moment - from lazy mornings to yoga exercises, coffee breaks, housekeeping, romantic dinners, and fun nights with friends. So, if you fall asleep with dreams in your heart and carry them with you every day, be part of our GRETES girls.

2018 m. The GRETES brand was born as a conversation between a woman and how clothes make her feel. I started this conversation within myself. I was looking for high quality and sustainability in every piece of clothing that would make me feel free and comfortable. Starting with silk accessories and seeing them at New York Fashion Week, I was not satisfied with the knowledge about the production of silk fabrics, so I started looking for a friendlier material for my sleep and loungewear collections. And so the first Naia™ collection was born. And this discovery that we can design in a way that is comfortable and comes in harmony with nature drives me to continue searching for new, unique fabrics for each collection. Fabrics that are gentle on your body and encourage a dialogue about friendship with nature and the comfort it gives us.

Best wishes

Grėtė Švėgždaitė