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GRETES is a handmade sleepwear and loungewear brand focused on creating sustainable products to strike the ultimate balance between fashion, nature, and comfort.

GRETES was created by Grėtė Švegždaitė. Driven by the passion for fashion and

creation, a law degree student Grėtė decided to venture into the world of

accessories and in 2018 launched her brand GRETES, selling silk hair ties and later

expanding the line to bonnets and other accessories. After a few years of solid

growth, her brand was noticed and Grėtė even had the chance to participate in

New York Fashion Week, which further fueled the creator’s interest in the fashion

industry as well as the sustainability movement.

Despite the success, having learned more about the behind-the-scenes of silk

fabric production, Grėtė decided to abandon this material and ventured to look for

a sustainable alternative, which would offer the same luxurious feel and healing

properties without the needless killing of silkworms. Fast forward to today —

GRETES is offering clients a collection of nightwear and loungewear from

Naia™, an innovative, sustainable, ethical material, whose texture closely resembles silk.