Gretes is a continuous journey of looking for a balance between fashion, nature and oneself. We focuse on handmade sleepwear as well as accessories that are dedicated to everyone’s quiet elegance. And to the loud dreamers that can quickly jump into daydreaming with comfort and peace being one with nature. All products are made from sustainable silk that does not damage or impact nature and simply is a soft secret beyond every dreamer.


Eucalyptus and Pine Collection

Inspiration. Uniqueness. Science.

Why choose Gretes?

Sustainable Textile Future

From tree to fiber, the production process for Naia™ is designed to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. With an extremely low water footprint, Naia™ is created using sustainably sourced wood and safe solvents, which are recycled and reused.

Handmade in Lithuania

We care who and how made your clothes. All clothes are hand-made ethically in Lithuania.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Every detail is essential. Our packing boxes and packing accessories inside are made from recycled paper or from the material which can be recycled.