Immerse yourself in the essence of the New Dream. No. 3 collection, where innovation meets the GRETES values of sustainability, comfort, durability, and elegance, all intertwined with the exceptional qualities of cotton.

1. Dream nr.3 diverges from the previous two collections uniquely while maintaining a connection to GRETES. What sets this collection apart while also retaining its essence from GRETES?

As a brand dedicated to constant improvement, we're always on the lookout for the latest trends in the textile world. Imagine my excitement when I attended a textile exhibition and got the chance to experience the sheer magic of recycled cotton firsthand! When I touched it's incredibly soft texture and felt its exceptional quality, I knew we had to bring it to our customers.

We've ordered a small batch of this fantastic fabric to create suits. We wanted to see how our customers would respond to this material addition. While our primary focus is sleepwear, we firmly believe that these suits are so versatile, you can wear them both on the streets and during your holidays. The perfect combination of effortless style and eye-catching fabric texture sets it apart.

2. Cotton is the new thing in the collection, as well as the extraction of color with the help of chestnut shells. How do you find such sustainable solutions in GRETES?

Our passion for textile innovation goes beyond work; it's a hobby that we can't get enough of. Once we start diving into research and gathering information, it's hard to stop it. However, the real challenge lies in finding suppliers who share our enthusiasm for implementing these innovations in textile production.

Fortunately, we have partnered with some manufacturers in Portugal who produce recycled cotton and use eco-friendly dyes in the process. You see, the dyeing of textiles is known to be one of the most environmentally harmful aspects of production. When you purchase a garment, it's natural to want the colors to last, which usually requires potent chemicals. But have you ever wondered where all that dye ends once your clothes have been dyed? It ultimately settles on the surface of our planet, contributing to pollution.

That's why using eco-friendly dyes is a crucial step towards sustainability. In the case of our beige suit, we've opted for a dye derived from chestnuts. Not only is it planet-friendly, but it's also gentle on your body.

3. Do you personally wear each design before releasing the collection to convey the emotions women can feel when wearing them?

Testing and fitting are integral to our garment development process to ensure the best comfortable outcome. There have been times when a garment has been poorly worn or uncomfortable, and that's when we see during the testing that it will have to be removed after all. Regarding our Dream nr.3 suits, I wore them myself to ensure they provided optimal comfort and freedom of movement. This hands-on approach allows us to identify areas for improvement and fine details. Typically, we conduct 3-4 fittings before finalizing the design.

4. As the designer of GRETES, how do you feel when wearing your creations? What emotions do they evoke in you?

There's immense satisfaction in finalizing the final model. Wearing it myself brings a sense of delight. Yet, there's always a bit of nervousness when sharing the finished designs with others. Will they like it? That validation is essential.

But when someone compliments the clothes, it's incredibly encouraging and inspiring. It sparks a natural drive to keep creating and discovering new ideas.