Sleep T-shirts

Jump into daydreaming with comfort and peace being one with nature. Sleep T-shirts are made from sustainable fabric that does not damage or impact nature and simply is a soft secret beyond every dreamer.

The Collection was created by using Naia™ - responsibly sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests.  

Let’s create a more sustainable world together! 

Give your Sleepwear a second chance! When your GRETES Sleepwear is worn out, please, send it back for recycling! We will give you a 20% discount on your future Sleepwear. 

GRETES is collaborating with a German company  I:CO for recycling Sleepwear and Loungewear. The clothing items that are still in good condition will be sent to the second-hand market, while those that are no longer fit for wearing will be recycled into yarn.

Want to send it back? Contact us gretes@gretes.com