Collection Dream No.2 embodies the belief that each person's dream is one-of-a-kind and different. Take a journey through the unique silhouettes of the body and get to know more about new collection creation, values, and ideas in the interview with designer Grėtė Švegždaitė below.

First, let's talk about what inspired you to create the Dream No.2 collection and how it differs from your previous collections.

GRETES is a relatively young brand, allowing us to experiment fearlessly and discover what truly resonates with our customers. Our first collection was loose-fitting and had minimal details. That's why this time around, we've opted for fitted silhouettes, intricate details, and even a touch of provocation. We aim to inspire and captivate our customers with a collection that reflects our passion for creativity and innovation.

The new collection is full of small details. Tell us about the challenges of using such elements in your work.

Yes, this time, we focused on the details. There are a few essential aspects: we want our products to be recyclable in the future, and currently, only 100% of single-fiber pieces can be recycled. So we realized that the details of the clothing had to be made from the same fabric as the clothing itself. Why is this a challenge? Because the material is very similar in texture to silk - it's exceptionally smooth and soft. Making small details requires a lot of skill, diligence, and patience from the seamstresses. For example, sewing a single pair of pants took twice as long as when we made our first collection. Of course, adding these kinds of details makes the clothing more expensive to produce, but we're not willing to compromise on quality.

The Dream No.1 collection is known for its eco-friendly Naia™ material, which you use in the Dream No.2 collection. What inspired you to focus on and continue these values in your designs?

Last year, I traveled to several textile trade shows in search of new, attractive, and sustainable fabrics, but unfortunately, I didn't find anything that matched Naia™.  For this reason, we've again decided to use Naia™ fabric for our new collection. Even though technology keeps advancing, this fabric made from eucalyptus and pine cellulose fibers is still the softest and most comfortable choice for our nightwear. To add, we're happy with our long-term partnership with Naia™ and appreciate their commitment to innovation and sustainability. This is essential for us.

It is also important to mention that we partner with a clothing recycling company in Germany to recycle leftover fabrics from our production and worn-out GRETES's sleepwear. We can only ensure a consistent circular production chain by investing time in partner sourcing and quality.

How did you balance comfort and style?

The uniqueness of the Naia™ fabric provides us with an opportunity to achieve this perfect balance. Our customers agree that this fabric it's incredibly comfortable, soft, gentle, and feels like a second skin. That's why we have the freedom to experiment with clothing design, knowing that the quality of the fabric alone will make almost every garment comfortable.

What do you hope the wearer will feel with these nightwear pieces?

As I design all my collections, my top priority is always comfort. For me, feeling comfortable is vital, and if a garment looks nice but uncomfortable, I won't wear it. All women should feel the same way. I want them to be able to put on a piece of clothing and ask themselves: is it comfortable? Do they feel free? Once they're happy with how they feel, they can look in the mirror and be amazed at how gorgeous they look.

Regular customers, who have already tried on and bought pieces from my collections, have told me that the nightwears are so beautiful that they wear them to the city or the beach. They asked me timidly if this was okay, and I responded, "Absolutely!" If we managed to create clothes, you could confidently wear outside, that is my greatest success and appreciation.

Both Dream collections feature a lot of earthy tones and natural materials. Can you talk about why you chose these particular elements and what they represent for you?

We are selecting particular colors for our GRETES sleepwear for a few reasons. Firstly, the colors are most commonly found in our wardrobes. They are timeless and classic. We want GRETES sleepwear to be worn for as long as possible without getting boring, so we are choosing these capsule colors for today. However, in parallel with this collection, we also wanted to release a limited and very colorful collection. Unfortunately, we encountered a problem with fabric dyeing and couldn't find a technology that wouldn't damage the fabric while ensuring high-quality color. Nonetheless, we remain persistent in searching for innovative solutions and aspire to offer our customers something vibrant soon.

Which Dream No.2 collection piece is your favorite and why?

My two favorite items are not just one, but two: the nightgown and the set of pants and nightshirts. When you search for a nightgown online, you'll typically find longer, more traditional styles. I wanted nightwear that would be a little different, wouldn't reveal too much, but would still beautifully showcase a woman's body. The design itself isn't new, but from a sleepwear perspective, it surprises and delights. Another favorite is the shirt and pants set, which I love for its attention to detail. I've always been drawn to classic stripes on sleepwear, but I wanted to take it further. These sets are carefully crafted with every detail in mind so women can feel comfortable and stylish in their sleepwear.

Finally, what kind of woman did you have in mind when designing?

I think about all women and hope that even those who think our sleepwear is not for them will try it. We have a Showroom in Vilnius where women come to see and try on our products. Usually, they have already decided that only one model will suit them. But when they see the clothes in person, their eyes light up, and they start trying on everything. It's unable to describe how happy I am to see them break their internal barriers about what fits them. After trying them on, they all feel uplifted. I try not to limit myself to a specific type when creating because it's possible to pleasantly surprise people with unexpected discoveries.