FUNGI || Dream No.6

Have you ever pondered the extraordinary fabrics woven from fruit waste and mushrooms, or felt a curiosity about the artistry of natural dyes, using chestnuts and an array of herbs to paint textiles in vibrant hues? The Dream No.5 collection beckons you to embrace nature’s myriad possibilities, adorned with an exclusive mushroom motif thriving year-round in Lithuania. Dive into the vivid tale of colors: green whispers of the moist embrace of fall and winter, while orange narrates the arid dance of spring and summer. Each garment, a masterpiece, captures a singular day of the year, with the mushroom’s growth depicted in a distinctive, unrepeated pattern. Delve into the palette of Lithuanian nature, where green signifies intelligence, grass, and forests; blue evokes the essence of blueberries, and orange resonates with the spirit of chanterelles.