Modern brands alone can no longer afford to be luxurious because of their material, quality or history if they do not look responsibly at the environment. Hence, Gretes decided to glance into a new perspective of silk products – bringing cellulosic fibre into her latest collections that meet the highest environmental standards and maintains all the healing properties of silk despite its substitute material. Since the brand is a lot about sleepwear, we naturally compare it to the night dream. But when thinking about it from the new perspective, having in mind innovative textile that changes traditional silk, from now, Gretes is an endless, comfortable and nature-inspired dreaming throughout the whole day. It allows you not to hear a thing around you and coexist with nature.
Gretes established in 2018 by Grete Svegzdaite in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
In 2018 Grete left her job at media agency and with no experience at sturt-up, fashion industry she started to sew silk accessories and created a brand name Gretes. In 2020 accessories were noticed in New York and Paris, so she was invited to show them in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week events for young brands. Inspired by this success she decided to bring Brand to a new level: to combine fashion and innovation. 


Lets go to this journey together!