Jacket for Him

Introducing our new summer uniform, designed for all occasions. Whether you're lounging, brunching, or attending a festival, our jackets offer comfort and style. The unique prints are based on real mushroom growth data, ensuring that each piece is one of a kind. Dive into the vivid tale of colors: green whispers of the moist embrace of fall and winter, while orange narrates the arid dance of spring and summer. Each garment, a masterpiece, captures a singular day of the year, with the mushroom’s growth depicted in a distinctive, unrepeated pattern. Delve into the palette of Lithuanian nature, where green signifies intelligence, grass, and forests; blue evokes the essence of blueberries, and orange resonates with the spirit of chanterelles.

The collection is limited edition.


  • The jacket features a printed design on the front;
  • Buttons made from coconut;
  • A small pocket in the front;
  • Shirt is oversized;
  • It is constructed from 100% linen sourced from Lithuania.